plants 2022

My journey into the universe

A little while ago I had a dream (time? dream?) I went through myself, through my self, or what I imagine my self to be. Penetrated my shell, my enemy images, my ugliness, my ego, my me. Penetrated, penetrated through, into what is behind, into what really is. What always was and always will be. Was I still me then? What was I then? Where was I? In a dream? In reality? What is a dream and what is reality? Who determines that?

It felt big, great, wonderful, irrational. It was a feeling of being EVERYTHING and that was a lot! Light and free, unbound. Unbound to being human. To my ego, to me. And yet I was still me, but no longer the me that I usually am. An ego that is everything or perceives everything. Free. Free from everything, free above all from being human, free from everything. Feels incredibly, even insanely free. Simply free. Like all being and yet still me, somehow. So big, so understanding, so everything. Just being like this, not wanting to go back. Wanting to stay here or the here. And yet I am drawn back to the earthly, to where I came from, where I live. Okey, now I'm back again, back here in the here and now of my everyday life, never been away, and yet so far... How can that be, where was I, was I still me? Yes. I was finally ME for a little moment in my life, or was it eternity? Yes, it was eternally beautiful. Eternally connected, eternal being. I have never been more me than in that moment. Thank you. Thank you universe for this moment. A moment of solitude, an eternal moment that will stay with me forever. As real as nothing has ever been in my life. Thank you to Me. Thank you to you.